The Monthly Megazine #416: Nazi Zombies On The Warpath

by Richard Bruton

Welcome to the New Year, welcome to the new Megazine… it’s 2020 and we’re getting closer to the time of the judges every day. But first, time for a new Magazine… a new year and a new story…

(Cover by Andrea Mutti)

This month it’s four continuing tales and one brand new one. More of Dredd’s excursion into the Black Atlantic in Plunder, plus more fun and frolics with Devlin Waugh, more psychedelic environmental adventures in Blunt, and more from the brave new world of Badrock in Lawless. And, as you can see from the cover, a brand-new wartime zombie adventure from the world of the Zombie Army video game series with Zombie Army: Last Rites.
The new Megazine, issue 416, hits shops on 15 January for the UK and on digital. Now, let’s take a little look-see inside…
JUDGE DREDD: PLUNDER – PART 2 – Michael Carroll, Karl Richardson, letters by Annie Parkhouse.
In the Black Atlantic, Dredd and his crew are recovering the wreckage of Luna-2 and under attack from pirates. Death and betrayal are all around and Dredd is his usual cheery self…

On the one hand, not much goes on here at all, just more build-up to what appears to be just a pretty straight-forward Dredd. But on the other hand, there’s that grand joy of just seeing a good old Dredd tale play out with style and a particular joy to see Karl Richardson’s art here, really suiting the bright, wide-open spaces of the story.

DEVLIN WAUGH: A VERY LARGE SPLASH – PART 2 – Ales Kot, Mike Dowling, letters by Annie Parkhouse.
Sex, death, demons, and a talking dildo. That’s how Kot and Dowling are playing Waugh this time round. And it’s something that a few out there in the oh-so-reasonable world of your social media have been rather critical of. Me? Loving it thanks very much.
The dinner party is in full swing and it’s time for the post-feast entertainment… copies of Kubrick’s moon landing, an occult tale of goats and madness, a little something from Eva and Adolf… and the unmarked tape. Should they play it? I’m with Titty… ‘This is not a good idea. A mysterious videotape is never a good idea’.
He’s right you know… especially after his ominous utterings harking all the way back to Waugh’s earliest adventures…

Yes. That was the warning from the first chapter of this rather excellently extreme tale of excess and exorcism. And it’s soon obvious that playing that tape was every bit the mistake Titty warned of.
Between them, Kot and Dowling deliver page after page of beautifully put together comics. Special mention to Dowling here as well, with a masterful control of panel layouts, tight gridwork to cover the viewing party going straight into the insanity that follows, first through spectacular colour and then through a nightmarish double spread.
All in all, it’s looking like a wonderfully weird experience with everyone’s favourite vamp looking like he’s about to get his (perfectly formed) ass handed to him.

BLUNT III – PART 2 – TC Eglington, Boo Cook, letters by Simon Bowland
After the events of Blunt II, a distress call was made and now the survivors on Getri-1 are awaiting their rescue. Only thing is… we’ve already seen how the planet reacts to visitors, and a rescue ship definitely gets the whole warm welcome experience…

Blunt and the survivors are, understandably, very keen to get the hell off the planet. But Marshal Lamb has other plans, sending the ship’s droid off to investigate the Zhind ships. Oh, that’s not going to be a good thing, is it?
Again, Blunt III just keeps things moving really well, with the planet really taking the lead in terms of driving the storyline. Now, with the mix of disparate DNA, what with the Zhind, humans, uplifts, it’s going to be a strange and fascinating thing to see where and what the hell happens next.

ZOMBIE ARMY: LAST RITES – PART 1 – Chris Roberson, Andrea Mutti, colours by Matt Soffe, letters by Simon Bowland.
Zombies and Nazis. That’s almost all you need to know about this new spin-off from the Zombie Army game series. Taking place a couple of years after the end of WWII and the beginning of the Dead War, where Hitler managed to conspire to raise the dead and a whole zombie apocalypse thing threatened the world, it’s now a couple of years into the Dead War, with the good guys winning.
So much so that most of the work is now just mopping up operations, exactly what Efram Schweiger and his ‘deadhunter’ team are expecting to be doing when they wander into a small French town. But where’s the fun in that, eh?

Make no mistake about it, this looks like it’s going to be one that just rolls along, a good, old-fashioned bit of an adventure romp. And with Mutti’s art, previously only seen on a few 3Riller and one-off pieces in 2000AD, it’s got a real good look to it.

LAWLESS: BOOM TOWN – PART 2 – Dan Abnett, Phil Winslade, letters by Jim Campbell.
Massacred pioneers, returning and unwelcome corporate guests to Badrock, SJS Judges poking their noses in looking for the chance to shut the whole free-trade town experiment down… Metta Lawson’s life was never going to get easier in this brave new world.
Worse, she has to put aside investigating things to play nicely with the rich folks looking to invest…

We know how it’s going to go here in Lawless, we always do… badly for the good Marshall. But aside from that, there’s no real guessing where Abnett will take this finest of series.
And of course, while I’m enjoying one of the best things in the Megazine for a long time, it’s just a simple pleasure to take in Winslade’s simply beautifully done b&w artwork.

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