Robot Con 2020: Preview Metal Men #4 From Didio, Davis And Wright

by Olly MacNamee

Dan DiDio and Shane Davis continue to reinvent the Metal Men for a new generation, but with their classic look (thankfully) in this week’s Metal Men #4 from DC Comics. Out Wednesday 22nd January witness as Lead and Tin visits Robot Con while Gold continues to… erm… evolve?

Whoa, what happened to Gold, and why does he look like that? It looks like Nth metal has given Gold true sentience-and it’s threatening to do the same to the rest of the Metal Men against Doc Magnus’s wishes! After all, Magnus already gave them sentience to begin with, right? Meanwhile, Lead and Tin are invited to Robot Con, where they meet their number one fan and other famous robots, including a special appearance by OMAC! Except he’s not here for fun…

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