Log Horizon Finally Sees Its Third Season

by Sage Ashford

After what feels like an eternity of waiting, the latest installment in the Log Horizon anime series has been confirmed. The series, which originally began in 2013, followed a young college student named Shiroe, who returns to his favorite MMO, Elder Tale, in time for its most recent update only to discover that none of the players who were a part of the game could log out any longer.
Though this sounds similar to other series with a similar premise, Log Horizon stood out because players who died would simply be reincarnated. Even death provided no release from the game; effectively making them all immortal. This leads to the players who have been cut off from their real lives with no choice but to create a new society and sense of order in the game. The series both relies more on politics and economics as well as actual MMO mechanics, making it unique in the “trapped in a game space” genre.
But after the second season was more drawn out due to it’s proximity to the light novel source material, the series went on something of a hiatus as the novels continued on. The most recent season finished up in Q1 2015, meaning it’s been roughly five years since the last episode of the series aired.
Studio DEEN and NHK have revived this once popular series, bringing back all the original production people. Shinji Ishihara will direct, Toshizo Nemoto will be doing series composition, Shouji Hata will handle sound direction, and Yasaharu Takanashi will provide music.
Log Horizon: Fall of the Round Table will begin during the Fall 2020 season.

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