A Very Dark Knight: Preview Narcos #2 By Ferrier, Malhotra. Simic And IDW

by Olly MacNamee

Out this week from IDW is Narcos #2, by writer Ryan Ferrier, artist Vic Malhotra, inker Miljenko Simic, colorist Chris Peter and letterer Neil Uyetake. Based on the Gamount/Netflix series charting the life and times of Pablo Escobar. But, being on the side of the angels can take its toll after a while. Meanwhile, new would-be boss, Cabellero (Spanish for knight, or gentlemen), makes his voice heard in this preview below.

Murphy and Peña clash with their new partner’s irregular methods, while a new drug kingpin makes a play for control of Medellín’s drug network! Meanwhile, an attempt on Don Pablo’s life makes him rethink who he can trust.

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