Kieron Gillen Announces New Series: Preview The Ludocrats #1 From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Written by Kieron Gillen as well as video game critic Jim Rossignol with art by Jeff Stokely,  The Ludacrats seems, from this preview below, like a whole lot of silly nonsense and daft cartoon violence. Something of a departure for Gillen who told The Hollywood Reporter “This is an explosion of glitter and slugs, arranged artfully, nonsense and lack of sensibility. Its aim is to make you happy. Also, horrified,” it certainly looks brilliantly daft too.

The Ludocrats! The aristocrats of ludicrous! A collision of the ornate fantasy of Dune and an M-rated Asterix & Obelix! Baron Otto Von Hades and Professor Hades Zero-K are here, and they’re going to save us all have a nice time.

It’s been a comic percolating on the back burner since 2015 and now it’s ready to be released into the wild and wreck havoc! Are you ready for The Ludocrats when it debuts April 1st 2020? And, I can’t help but feel that Gillen may have very well asked for this date. After all, what better time to drop such a whacky comic than on All Fool’s Day, right?
Colred by Tamra Bonvillain and lettered by Clayton Cowles.

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