Two Inept Private Eyes Get Their Start In Pun-Filled Mashbone & Grifty #1

by James Ferguson

Mashbone & Grifty are two fledgling private detectives looking for their first big case. The problem is that they’re complete idiots incapable of paying their bar tab, let alone solving a mystery. Despite this, Felipe looks to them for help. His rooster is missing, wrapped up in a local cock fighting ring tied to the mob.

Although artist Oscar Garza’s style is cartoonish in nature, Mashbone & Grifty is very much not for kids. This really boils down to a joke that is used over and over again throughout this debut issue. Basically they use that other word for rooster in humorous ways, running the gag into the ground like it was a segment on Family Guy. I will admit that I chuckled the first few times this popped up, but it just goes on way too long.
Mashbone & Grifty does not take itself too seriously, which makes for some fun underneath all the genital puns. It’s hard to believe just how stupid the main characters are at times and that’s part of the humor. You know that they are so very unprepared for this case and there’s a good chance they’re going to get killed along the way so you have to watch to see how it all turns out.

Every time you think you’ve seen them at their worst, you turn the page and see the insane antics they’ve gotten into next. Garza and co-writer Rolando Esquivel up the ante again and again as the comic progresses. Things really come to a head when they encounter the mobster, El Luche. This is where the comic hits its stride as this guy is a great villain and just crazy enough to deal with Mashbone & Grifty without outright murdering them the moment he sets eyes on them.

It takes some time for Mashbone & Grifty to really get going, but once it does, it’s a fun read. I found myself warming up to these would-be private eyes as they struggle to figure out the criminal underworld and life in general. We never talk about how Mashbone is a caveman and somehow that’s totally okay. At this point, it would be weird to ask.
Mashbone & Grifty #1 from 5 Meats Comics is currently available digitally through ComiXology.

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