EA Has 14 Titles Planned For Their Next Fiscal Year

by Sage Ashford

During their recent earnings call, EA discussed plans for future titles coming down the pipeline for their next fiscal year; the period beginning in April of 2020 and going until March of 2021. Credit to Daniel Ahmad (ZhugeEX on Twitter) for the specifics:

The four sports titles are almost guaranteed to be NHL and the returning NBA Live in addition to FIFA and Madden. The two mobile titles being soft launched are most likely Apex Legends on mobile and Star Wars: Rise to Power.
As for the other eight remaining titles, they’re anyone’s guess. Josef Fares and Hazelight Studios have a new game in the works which could be one of the indie developers, but that would still leave three other third party/indie games for them.
As for their major titles, it’s safe to leave out franchises with recently released games like Need for Speed or Plants vs. Zombies. BioWare as a studio appears to have their heads down working on a rumored Anthem 2.0, the confirmed Dragon Age 4, and a potential new Mass Effect. The next Battlefield is scheduled for fiscal 2022, which would place it sometime in the fall of next year.
Still, there’s been discussion that The Sims could be getting a next-generation update, and EA Motive has been quiet for quite some time despite having been created to make a brand new IP. There’s also discussion that EA will be looking into making more Star Wars games that lean towards being single-player — particularly considering the success of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, which is already at over 8 million copies sold. But whether any of their in-development Star Wars titles would be ready for fiscal 2021 remains to be seen — though it’s been a very long time since anyone has seen a new Battlefront

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