Review: A Journey Nears Its End In ‘Dial H For Hero’ #11 By Humphries, Quinones And Gibson

by Tony Thornley

Miguel and Summer have travelled through the entire DC Universe’s mythology in the past year. However, they were never prepared for Mister Thunderbolt to split them up, and Dial H For Hero ##11 shows how that might destroy the entire multiverse.

Sam Humphries, Joe Quinones, Jordan Gibson, and Dave Sharpe deliver the penultimate chapter of these young heroes’s adventure.

Thanks to the K-Dial, Miguel has been split into four heroes and able to cover more and more ground to find the missing dials. However, Summer still has hope for her best friend. Can she get through to him before Mister Thunderbolt causes chaos throughout the multiverse?

Though this issue largely sets up the climax of the story next issue, Humphries and Quinones don’t hold back and make sure to have fun. Humphries does give plenty of exposition and set up, but he also dips deep into DC mythology, sending the series into Kirby’s Fourth World and bouncing around Multiversity. It’s still centered in the friendship forged between its leads though, making it clear that their relationship is just as important as the superheroics to saving existence.

Quinones takes what Humphries cues up and continues to knock it out of the park. The biggest disappointment of this series ending in February is that we won’t get any more of his interiors. He does a perfect Kirby homage, without losing his own style, which Gibson colors fantastically in the style of that era of comics, but he also tells Summer’s backstory is a wonderful indie comics style. He also gives Miguel’s four personas fully formed life, even though they really don’t get enough page time to be explored as his past selves were. It’s fantastic artistic storytelling that I’ll miss after the end of the series.

I hope to see the ending land, as this has been a fun ride, and one of my favorite mini series DC has put out.

Dial H For Hero #11 is available now from DC Comics.

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