Art For Art’s Sake #39 Valentine’s Day Special: If Art Be The Food Of Love… Draw On!

by Richard Bruton

It’s Art For Art’s Sake and this week, in honour of Valentine’s Day, we’re going to be getting all slushy and lovelorn… Yep, Art For Art’s Sake is in the mood for love…
Now… if you’re after a perfect late Valentine’s present, might we suggest Philippa Rice‘s Soppy – a beautiful little love story of those everyday moments that make up a relationship.

Secret Wars: Secret Love #1 – cover by David Nakayama

And the other cover by Pascal Campion

Katie Cook con sketch from Comic Art Fans:

Steve Dillon – Anderson, Psi-Division pin-up 2000AD Prog 472 (1986)

Darwyn Cooke & J Bone – Spirit and Rocketeer…

Ro Stein

Pascal Campion again – he does some wonderful love art…

Alex TothMy Only Love #3, 1975.

Kelley JonesYoung Monsters In Love

A love story from the pages of Doom Patrol – The Brain & Monsieur Mallah – art by Richard Case

My Love #1, September 1969 – cover by John Romita

Nick CardyYoung Love #107, January 1974

A pair of very nasty criminals fall in love… from a great little tale from Flinch, written by Joe R Lansdale with art by Bruce Timm… (You can see the whole thing at F Yeah Bruce Timm)

Spider-Man Tangled Web #11 written and drawn by the wonderful Darwyn Cooke. It’s Valentine’s Day and Peter’s got a date with two very different Daily Bugle employees…

And finally from 1991, The Revolver Romance Special, cover by Brian Bolland

And from that issue there were many good pieces, but none as evocative or gorgeous as Greenland by Daniel Cacouault… a beautiful thing indeed… (that sadly was never continued in Crisis, although it says it will be on the final page)

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