An Impossible Journey Begins In ‘The Lost City Of Heracleon’ Exclusive First Look

by James Ferguson

This June sees the release of The Lost City of Heracleon from writer Bruce Livingstone and artist Mike Willcox. We’re delighted to share an exclusive early preview of the original graphic novel from BOOM! Studios following two boys embarking on an impossible journey through time and space to save the universe.

Called to adventure, young boys Lou and Shiro find themselves on an inter-dimensional submarine captained by an off-the-hinges old man. They soon discover Lou’s missing father might still be alive as they are transferred into fully grown warriors headed straight for the battlegrounds of Ancient Egypt, the Lost City, and to 1914 Sarajevo. As the gods tinkering with fate become reckless and apathetic, the boys become part of a legion hell-bent on restoring balance to humanity.

The Lost City of Heracleon will be published under BOOM! Studios’ Archaia imprint. It’s set for release in June 2020.

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