Preview: ‘Morbius The Living Vampire’ #4 And Morbius’s Past Catches Up With Him

by Olly MacNamee

Out today from Marvel, Vita Ayala, Marcelo Ferreira, Paulo Siqueira and Roberto Poggi, Morbius The Living Vampire #4 has the titular character rubbing up the wrong way with a blast from his past while still trying to keep hold of his vanishing humanity. Check out the preview below for a taster of the action promised in this newest issue.

THE MONSTER CALLED MORBIUS! Michael Morbius has always been a man of science. But he’s also a man of pride, and when those two traits combine, the results have been catastrophic. This time is no different! Whatever Morbius has wrought havoc on his genetics – with his humanity inching closer to memory with every passing moment! This while a figure from his past returns, with Morbius dead in her sights.


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