Preview: ‘The Immortal Hulk’ #31 Banner Takes On Xemnu, The Living Hulk

by Olly MacNamee

Al Ewing continues to astound with The Immortal Hulk alongside Javier Rodríguez and Joe Bennett, who I cannot praise enough for the artist he has evolved into over the years and in particularly on this title. Out today (02.12.2020) The Immortal Hulk #31 sees Banner go up against the hero-from-space, Xemnu, and immediately reduces himself into the role of the bad guy. Are you ready for The Living Hulk?

There’s a new monster in town. He’s cuddly. He’s lovable. He’s down with the kids. And he’s available for your corporate retreat. Yes, there was another Hulk, once – the one who made all those nasty threats to end the world. But who needs him? THE LIVING HULK is here. And he’s going to save us all – or your money back.

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