Review: Bejeweled Death Awaits In ‘Dejah Thoris #3’

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Jeddak Kurz Kurtos is disturbed to learn that Dejah Thoris is still alive, but he plans to remedy that. He orders eight warships to track down and kill Dejah Thoris. She, Llana, and Kan begin their journey for Ptarth, despite Llana’s protest. She wants to hide away in Gathol, but Dejah wants to save her family from extinction. Their journey to Ptarth is swiftly interrupted by Kurtos’ warships. In Ptarth, the seemingly unstoppable Jeweled Killers have cut a bloody swath through the city. Tara is there, and she is trying to evacuate the rest of her family. They want to stay and fight, but Tara convinces them to leave while she holds off the Jeweled Killers.

Dejah Thoris #3 cover by Lucio Parrillo
Dejah Thoris #3 cover by Lucio Parrillo

Dejah Thoris #3 finds the bloodline of Dejah Thoris under attack. Kurz Kurtos is trying to make sure that Dejah herself is dead and the Jeweled Killers are laying waste to the rest of the family in Ptarth.
It’s a tense issue with plenty of action. We are made to watch Dejah Thoris and Tara do everything they can to preserve the family on two fronts. Regardless of whatever maneuvers and tactics they come up with, it does seem like time has run out for the bloodline.
The pacing is swift and unrelenting. Once the battles start, there is scarcely a chance to catch your breath. 
The backdrop of a Barsoom apocalypse, while hardly referenced in this issue, does add to the drama quite a bit. Dejah wants to save her world, but she’s finding herself barely able to save her own family.
Vasco Georgiev makes this a downright gorgeous comic book. The Jeweled Killers look great, and I’m still digging Dejah’s new armor. The action scenes are coherent and cathartic and the characters’ expressions add to the mounting drama. Dearbhla Kelly’s color work ensures a vibrant and lively comic throughout, adding greatly to the unfolding cosmic drama.
Dejah Thoris #3 is an exciting and tense issue. We are made audience to an attempt at ending the bloodline of our hero and she will do whatever it takes to save her family and her world. It’s a damn good read and it earns a recommendation. Check this one out.
Dejah Thoris #3 comes to us from writer Dan Abnett, artist Vasco Georgiev, color artist Dearbhla Kelly, letterer Simon Bowland, cover artist Lucio Parrillo, and variant cover artists Sanya Anwar; Joseph Michael Linsner; and Kunkka.
Final Score: 8.5/10

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