Previewing ‘Dead Body Road: Bad Blood’ #1, A Tale Of Revenge And ‘John Wick’ Level Action

by Olly MacNamee

Popular comic book series Dead Body Road by Justin Jordan, is back with new artist Benjamin Tiesma, and returning colorist Mat Lopes, and letterer Pat Brosseau. Telling the tale of revenge and going by the name of Dead Body Road: Bad Blood and coming out from Skybound/Image.

In Dead Body Road: Bad Blood, Bree Hale has left a lot behind in her life. Crime. The military. But she can’t leave behind her own family, and when the local crime boss puts a hit out on her brother, there’s nothing she won’t do to save him. Absolutely nothing.

Described as “John Wick meets Southern Bastards” and featuring covers by Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio, we’ve got a preview of the new first issue below ahead of the release date of Wednesday May 20th.

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