Choose Your Own Terrific: ‘Terrifics #25’ Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
A massive, moving tree has invaded Gateway City and it’s destroying everything in its path. The Terrifics have tried to fight against it, but nothing they do slows down the tree. Mr. Terrific activates his T-Finity, a new technology Michael Holt developed after the team’s time-traveling struggle against Bizarro and the Terribles. The T-Finity opens pathways into parallel realities dependent on the choices made by Mr. Terrific. He has four choices: taking the lead, sending Plastic Man out first, following Phantom Girl, or letting Metamorpho take the head. From there, the possibilities diverge further.

Terrifics #25 cover by Dan Mora
Terrifics #25 cover by Dan Mora

Terrifics #25 takes the shape of a choose-your-own-adventure story, where the reader is allowed to choose their own path through the story and seeing how each one ends. In the case of Terrifics #25, all but one of those paths lead to one or more team members dying.
It’s a fairly dark read, as you do get to watch your favorite heroes suddenly and violently die in many different ways, particularly Mister Terrific and Plastic Man. We also get a couple of guest stars out of the experience, but I won’t spoil their identities.
The turn of the comic comes when it gets a little meta again. It doesn’t involve anyone turning towards the reader and asking for a comic page again, but it does involve a significant degree of self-awareness in the book.
Terrifics #25 art by Dan Mora, Ivan Plascencia, and letterer Tom Napolitano
Terrifics #25 art by Dan Mora, Ivan Plascencia, and letterer Tom Napolitano

Dan Mora contributes his talents to this issue and that is a great boon to Terrifics #25. The comic has a sleek, textured, and highly-detailed aesthetic and it looks downright gorgeous. Mora is a great talent and he’s aided by the popping color work of Ivan Plascencia.
Terrifics #25 is a surprising, dark, and thoughtful anniversary issue for this oddball DC book. We get to watch the various ways in which a plan can go wrong and how narrow survival and victory can be. It’s a grabbing and intriguing book and it earns a recommendation. Feel free to give it a read.
Terrifics #25 comes to us from writer Gene Luen Yang, artist and cover artist Dan Mora, color artist Ivan Plascencia, letterer Tom Napolitano, and variant cover artist Michael Cho.
Final Score: 8.5/10

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