Find Your Strength & Your Truth In ‘ #3’ Exclusive First Look

by James Ferguson

We are pleased to share an exclusive early preview of next month’s b.b. free #3 from BOOM! Studios. The series from writer Gabby Rivera, artist Royal Dunlap, colorist Kieran Quigley, and letterer Jim Campbell tells an adventure about finding your strength and your truth when the whole world is against you.

Just as b.b. begins to feel safe at the home of her best friend and radio show co-host, Chulita X-acta, danger arrives in the form of swamp invaders, and the stubbornness of b.b.’s father. b.b. has no choice but to make a run for it with Chulita—but will she ever truly be safe when there are so many secrets following them?

b.b. free #3 is set for release on March 11th, 2020.

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