Doc Savage To Finally Receive A Television Show

by Erik Amaya

The Man of Bronze is headed to television.
Deadline reports Sony Pictures Television, Conde Nast, and Original Film have struck a deal to develop Doc Savage and his adventures into a TV program. Original Film was previously developing a feature based on the hyper-intelligent man of action, but has transitioned to a format that is, perhaps, more befitting the character.
Beginning in 1933, when Street & Smith publisher Henry W. Ralston, editor John L. Nanovic, and writer Lester Dent devised the character as a follow-up to The Shadow, Doc Savage appeared in serialized novels, comic books, and radio dramas. The novels were collected into discrete volumes beginning in the 1960s, where they found popularity with genre readers. The reprint series would continue into the 1980s with new Savage stories written by the likes of Phillip Jose Farmer and others.
Born Clark Savage, Jr., the man of bronze was raised by scientists with the ambition of becoming the ideal specimen of man’s achievement. Having no special powers, Savage built himself to peak mental and physical performance. Like his pulpy antecedents, he would adventure in obscure lands and battle fascist powers. He was also aided by five men and worked out of the 86th floor of a New York skyscrapper.
The character made his way to film with 1975’s Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze. Produced by the legendary George Pal and starring former TV Tarzan Ron Ely, its campy tone failed to spark interest with fans or new viewers, but is now regarded as something of a cult favorite. Other attempts to bring the character to the big screen were mounted, including Original’s production with Iron Man 3‘s Shane Black set to write and direct. At the time, Dwayne Johnson was in the frame for the title role, but he later revealed “business” complications had halted the project.
According to Deadline, the potential television series will “chronicle his adventures, featuring rampaging dinosaurs, secret societies led by dastardly villains, fantastic gadgets and weapons, death-dealing traps, hair-raising escapes, and plots to rule the earth.” It will also be a showcase for the various storylines and characters; too numerous to explore in a film or even a film series.
It is unclear when or where the series might appear, but we hope it is a riddle the Doc can solve quickly.

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