Review: Space Is Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be In ‘The Rains Of Ganymede’

by James Ferguson

Leah Morris lives a lonely life in a prison on Ganymede. While there are others nearby, her existence is a solitary one. Her imprisonment is due to the actions of her father, forced to work in the mines until he dropped dead. Leah yearns to escape and see the stars, but she’ll have to get by the harsh guards and even harsher conditions first. Hope comes with a heist that could mean her freedom…or certain death.

The first thing you’ll notice in The Rains of Ganymede is the incredible artwork. Writer / artist C. Thomas Anderson has a highly detailed and impressive style that has a clear manga influence. The characters are very expressive, but never cartoonish. They look real. This extends to their surroundings as well. There are times I found myself just staring at the artwork for a bit, taking it all in.
Anderson uses shadows well to create a quiet, eerie tone. This may take place in the far reaches of space, but it’s not the bright shining future we dreamed of. This is a desolate, depressing landscape where people are worked to the bone. The sound affects help this along too as they often feel like they’re being scratched out of the page. Letterer DC Hopkins delivers some solid work with the dialogue too.

Although the artwork is top notch, the story leaves something to be desired. There’s no real hook to catch your attention throughout this first chapter. There are some small events here and there, but nothing massive until the very end of the issue. Even that falls a little flat as we’re not entirely invested with Leah or this situation just yet. If this was a roller coaster, it would be one of those small ones for kids that go around and around instead of a big build up to all kinds of loops and drops.
This isn’t to say that The Rains of Ganymede is a bad comic. There’s a tremendous amount of potential here as Anderson continues to flesh out this world and the characters in it. It needs a little more work to develop everything and really catch your attention.

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