The X-Men Join Empyre With…Plants Vs. Zombies?!

by James Ferguson

Empyre, the next big event from Marvel Comics is fast approaching and we’re starting to see just how far this story will spread. We already know the Avengers and the Fantastic Four are key players, not to mention the Kree and the Skrull. Marvel has announced the X-Men are getting into the fray with a four-issue tie-in mini-series where alien plants will face off against mutant zombies. I mean, that would have been enough to grab my attention without the event tie-in.

Empyre: X-Men brings the Dawn of X writers together. Issue #1 is written by Jonathan Hickman & Tini Howard and illustrated by Matteo Buffagni. It features a cover by Mike McKone. Issue #2 is written by Gerry Duggan, Benjamin Percy & Leah Williams and illustrated by Lucas Werneck. The fun begins in May 2020.

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