Heroes Get Venomized In New Marvel Legends Figures

by Gary Catig

Tons of new toy announcements and news should be coming out the next few days because of New York Toy Fair. Ahead of the show, Hasbro teased some new Marvel Legends figures coming out and they have some really interesting choices.
They revealed three venomized versions of popular superheroes. First is Venomized Captain America. He will come with two accessories and will be a Walmart exclusive.

Late in Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez’s run on Spider-Gwen, she becomes bonded with the Alien Symbiote, so here’s a 3D version of Venomized Ghost-Spider aka Gwenom.

Peter Parker’s Spider-Man has a history with the Symbiote but what would it look like if the the other Spider-Man became a host? Check out the Venomized Miles Morales.

All three figures will retail for $19.99 and are expected in the Fall 2020.
A fourth, non-Venomized figure was also announced. Sold exclusively at Target will be a deluxe Red Hulk.

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