Toy Fair 2020: Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Figures And Other Star Wars Toys

by Gary Catig

Hasbro revealed many new toys they have planned for the future during their presentation at New York Toy Fair. They are the home to multiple brands including G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters and Marvel. Another franchise collectors were anticipating announcements from was Star Wars. For the Black Series and Vintage Collection, the company drew inspiration mainly from the original trilogy.
The Empire Strikes Back was first released in 1980 so this year would be its fortieth anniversary.  In order to celebrate the milestone, there are special Black Series assortments. In the first wave is Yoda, AT-AT Driver, Hoth Leia, Bespin Han and Bespin Luke which will have a new photo real head.

Wave 2 will include Lando with photo real head, TIE Pilot, Dagobah R2D2, Hoth Rebel Soldier and Snowspeeder Luke with removable helmet.

There is also a deluxe Imperial Probe Droid.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to have Snowspeeder Luke if he didn’t have anything to pilot. The Snowspeeder is an Amazon exclusive and comes with Luke’s gunner, Dak Ralter.

Coming to the Vintage Collection is Jedi Knight Luke and EG6 Lars homestead power droid.

Finally, there is the Slave 1 with stand and Han in carbonite.

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