Brandon McKnight To Join ‘The Flash’ In Its Seventh Season

by Erik Amaya

Chester P. Runk’s Team Flash status was seemingly decided upon in the most recent episode, but events outside the series have confirmed he is here to stay.
Deadline reports actor Brandon McKnight, who played Runk in several episode of The Flash across its sixth season, will return as a series regular in its seventh year. Initially presented as a backyard inventor with a YouTube channel, his facility in creating genuinely advance tech put him on a collision course with Team Flash during the sixth season premiere. He was subsequently contained in a S.T.A.R. Labs stasis chamber until shortly before the Crisis. In the most recent episode, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) questioned his continued presence at the lab, but ultimately welcomed him into the fold.
Now, those of us who love Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) may wonder about his future with the team. Clearly dissatisfied last year, the actor and character may be headed for the exit door despite better episodes and stories this year. And as both Cisco and Chester are science-minded nerds of color with pop culture vocabularies, it is possible Chester may be Cisco’s replacement.
Then again, it would be nice to see two nerds of color from different backgrounds in prominent roles on this show, would it?
McKnight’s promotion to the cast is the first word on the show’s seventh season, and we expect more announcements to come in the near future.

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