Preview: Eddy Brock Is Hospitalised And At His Lowest Ebb In ‘Venom’ #24 By Cates And Bagley

by Olly MacNamee

Resting up on hospital with an amputated hand, Eddie Brock has had plenty of time to think and to brood on what happened back on the deserted island where Carnage has infected the Venom symbiote. Its not looking too good for Brock, is it? From Donny Cates, artist Mark Bagley, inker Andy Owens, colorist Frank Martin and letterer Clayton Clowes. Out 03.11.2020 from Marvel Comics.

Cletus Kasady may be gone, but CARNAGE is another story – and its evil has infected Venom and the entire ISLAND OF BONES. As every living thing on the island hunts him, Eddie Brock may have no choice but to burn it – and everything he holds dear – to the ground…

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