Super Sunday (Part 1): Preview ‘Justice League’ #43 By Venditti, Mahnke And Ryan

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Bryan Hitch

We start off this Super Sunday with a look at ‘The Reign of the Supermen’ storyline which comes to a crashing conclusion in this week’s Justice League #43 by writer Robert Venditti and artist Doug Mahnke with Richard Friend on inks, David Baron on colors and Tom Neopolitano on letters. Here’s your preview of the issue, out Wednesday 18th March from DC Comics.

Caught in the Justice League’s trap, the Eradicator reveals the truth hidden in his circuits. And as Superman confronts his past defeat, it’s up to Wonder Woman to make a decision that will divide the team. The no-holds-barred war between the League and a murder machine with Superman’s face concludes!

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