Image Announce ‘Blue In Green’ A Dark And Haunting Pursuit For Genius By Ram V And Anand RK

by Olly MacNamee

Creators of Grafity’s Wall, Ram V and Anand RK team up once again for new project, Blue in Green, from image Comics. Billed as an “exploration of ambitions, expectations, and the horrific depths of their spiraling pursuit,” this original graphic novel will hit stores in October from Image Comics. Here’s a frist look at interiors, which illustrates a real leap in artistic development on the part of Anand RK since Grafity’s Wall. You really get a Bill Sienkiewicz vibe from these preview pages and it looks amazing.
Anand RK talks about his art process for the project:

Blue In Green is a coming together of some of my biggest influences both in terms of genre and in stylistic tone. It comes at a time when realism and grounded storytelling is something of great interest to me. It is both a distant and an intensely personal project at the same time. The protagonist, in many ways, is me. I have used myself as reference to draw him, grew a beard for this reason, many of my own little personal traits have made their way into him. The gradual shift in a man’s psyche and his grip on his world, the way Ram plays with the tone and craftfully shifts it and then brings it all back without making it look jarring, this is something that I find quite exciting about this book, even as I draw it. I think readers are going to see that come through in the work. They’ll hopefully find something intensely human and personal in a story that often pushes at the edges of its own reality

We’ll leave you with the preview and a breakdown of the book, out Wednesday, October 28 from Image Comics:

The dark and haunting portrayal of a young musician’s pursuit of creative genius— the monstrous nature of which threatens to consume him as it did his predecessor half a century ago.

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