Halloween In Spring: New Fighters And Events Come To ‘The King Of Fighters All Star’

by Gary Catig

An all new update has arrived for The King of Fighters All Star. In addition to the “False Halloween” in-game event, there is a selection of additional fighters available for players to collect.
New characters include event exclusive fighters Halloween Night Heidern, Halloween Night Li Xiangfei, and Halloween Night Blue Mary, which can be obtained March 17 – April 6. There is also the powerful boss fighter, Igniz, from The King of Fighters 2001 and Alice from The King of Fighters XIV. Both are available through the in-game store and Summon Banners.
Additional details for the “False Halloween” and other events in the latest update can be found below.

  • False Halloween Events (March 17 – April 6): Players can look forward to these event-exclusive activities in The King of Fighters All Star for a chance to earn all-new Halloween Night-themed fighters, Rubies, and Souls

o   Halloween Cake Guard Dungeon
o   False Halloween Super Mission
o   False Halloween Attendance

  • Pumpkin Head Dungeon (Mar 24 ~ Apr 6): Players can earn rewards such as Gold, Rubies, and Fighter Affinity items by defeating Pumpkin Head at the end of the dungeon.
  • ’96 Leona Roulette Event (Mar 17 ~ Apr 6): Leona from The King of Fighters 96 can be obtained alongside other items via the in-game roulette
  • 2001 May Lee Roulette Event (Mar 31 ~ Apr 6): May Lee from The King of Fighters 2001 can be obtained alongside various rewards via the in-game roulette.

The King of Fighters All Stars “False Halloween” event is happening now.

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