Preview: ‘Batman Beyond’ #42 And The Whole Bat-Family Face Down Blight

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Dustin Nguyen

The whole Bat-family come together in this concluding chapter of ‘First Flight’ in Batman Beyond #42 written by Dan Jurgens and artists Sean Parsons and Sean Chen. The new Batgirl is unmasked and Bruce ain’t all that happy. But, he’s got other problems to deal with first in the Batcave in our preview below. Out Wednesday 03.25.2020 from DC Comics.

Batwoman will need Batman’s help to take down his greatest foe and the man who killed his father. But with Batwoman’s identity revealed, it’s sending shock waves through Neo-Gotham. Everyone will have to get on board with her – or face Blight’s nuclear destruction.

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