Review: ‘I Can Sell You A Body #3’ Gets Weirder

by Benjamin Hall

Warning of spoilers for this issue!

The cover is mostly fine despite being somewhat generic in design. However, the character’s left leg is apparently missing the knee cap, and the left foot appears to be angling up. While the credits page features okay coloring it has an image that somewhat spoils a big plot point. Yet this moment’s element of surprise is still slightly viable due to the pacing of the narrative. Meaning that by the time one gets to the moment they may not remember this prior image.

As for the interior art, it is much better in terms of the page layouts and the use of light and shadow. The color palette being a bit more traditional than the past two issues helps with the latter. Though there are panels where the colors are not as competent. Also some of the pages have odd effects, such as a car that randomly goes flying during a chase scene. (Yet that is nothing to the one odd sound effect found a few pages earlier.) Despite these problems there is growth, confidence, and heart in the visuals.

The writing makes the characters (including the main character) slightly likable. However, with this bit of growth there is an arguable downward slide in how tight the plotting is. Yes, the visual pacing is better, but the pacing of the script feels like it is trying to make up for the lack of issues left, meaning a lot of information gets connected a bit too quickly. Also, there is use of the c-word expletive that references female anatomy that comes out of pretty much nowhere. Not to mention some readers might find it offensive that the Catholic priest is more of a stereotype than an actual character. Finally, the lettering is typo free and arguably the most consistent thing about this series.

I Can Sell You a Body #3 from IDW Publishing is written and lettered by Ryan Ferrier and illustrated and colored by George Kambadais.


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