Binge On Bond With Dynamite’s Latest Humble Bundle

by James Ferguson

If you’re stuck inside for awhile due to COVID-19, maybe catch up on James Bond? No, not the movies. I mean, you can do that too if you want. I’m talking about the comics. Dynamite has partnered with Humble Bundle for the most comprehensive collection of James Bond comics ever through a digital sale where you pay what you want. This includes work from creators like Warren Ellis, Greg Pak, Andy Diggle, Ales Kot, Van Jensen, Kieron Gillen, Jody Houser, and more. A portion of the proceeds will go towards the National Coalition Against Censorship, an umbrella organization formed to ally those that fight against censorship across media, including comics.

Christopher Finan, Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Censorship says:

NCAC is extremely grateful to Dynamite for donating a portion of its Humble Bundle sales to support our work defending free speech rights. Among First Amendment defenders, we are the first responders, helping young people, teachers, librarians, and artists fight censorship in their communities.

Although this is a pay-what-you-want model, there are minimums associated with certain books. For $15, you get everything, but if you can throw in a few extra bucks, please do so. Check out the tiers below:

  • $1 Tier
    • James Bond (2015) #1-6
    • James Bond Origin #1-6
    • James Bond 007 #1-6
    • James Bond: Felix Leiter #1-6
  • $8 Tier
    • James Bond (2015) #7-12
    • James Bond Origin #7-12
    • James Bond: The Body #1-6
    • James Bond: Casino Royale
  • $15 Tier
    • James Bond 007 #7-12
    • James Bond: Hammerhead #1-6
    • James Bond: Kill Chain #1-6
    • James Bond: Live and Let Die
    • James Bond: Moneypenny
    • James Bond: Service
    • James Bond: Solstice
    • James Bond: M

Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher added:

James Bond is one of the most iconic characters who has ever graced pop culture! Coming up on 25 movies and millions of copies of best-selling novels, Ian Fleming’s legacy lives on forever. It was incredibly rewarding to get the license to work with IFPL! We knew we had to bring our A-Game, and did so by bringing in Warren Ellis to launch the franchise, and we’ve followed up with hit after hit with other incredibly talented creators to bring the greatest caliber of comics possible!

All in, there are over 70 comics available clocking in at over 2,240 pages. That’s certainly a good amount of content to binge read.

Writer Jeff Parker says:

I’m glad our James Bond: Origin books are in this latest Bundle, it’s one of the works I’m most proud of. This is probably not what you’re expecting from a James Bond book because it’s based on the timeline of the original Ian Fleming novels, and according to Fleming, James left school early to join the battle in World War 2. So what you’re about to read is primarily a war comic, but with a focus on the covert operations that would birth MI-6, the famed intelligence agency where James will serve as a Double 0 agent. You’re also going to love the art of Bob Q. and Ibrahim Moustafa as much as I do, along with a murderer’s row of top cover artists.

The Dynamite James Bond Humble Bundle is available for a limited time only. At the time of this writing, there are 19 days left to snag this bundle so if you want to get your license to kill, get on it fast.

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