Clinging Onto What’s Left: ‘Tomorrow #2’ Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
The crazed man corners the secretary, Consuela, threatening to use her “pure blood” to sanctify himself. Consuela uses a pair of scissors to kill her assailant. Elsewhere, Oscar briefly meets Trevon Treacy before the man finds his children in the captivity of a pedophile. Treacy saves his kids and Oscar continues his journey to Los Angeles and Cira. Oscar is able to make contact with Cira as she goes out to look for food. He stumbles across a developer of the Tomorrow video game, with whom Oscar begins to travel. At the Lubyanka in Moscow, Yashin Ivanovich Pogrov is set loose by the Russian government. They know that Pogrov predicted this crisis and he might be the only one who can prevent the apocalypse. At Ford Fielding’s team-building exercise, the team finally confronts the person shooting at them only to discover that it was a child all along. Meanwhile, the Canterbury Mass Soccer Team has begun to fall to their more primal instincts. 

Tomorrow #2 cover by Jesús Hervás
Tomorrow #2 cover by Jesús Hervás

Tomorrow #2 continues its myriad plot threads as the world falls into complete anarchy and chaos. Roving bands of marauders, rapists, and killers are now the norm on every city street. Despite this reality, the likes of Oscar and Trevon have been able to survive and navigate this Armageddon. 
Each story thread in the story is interesting. Oscar is a unique and engaging main protagonist with a distinct way of looking at the world. Trevon Treacy is an endearingly committed father. The soccer team story is unnerving yet believable. 
There is a weirdly gendered quality to the roving gangs that make Tomorrow feel reminiscent of Y: The Last Man at times. There aren’t any co-ed gangs of marauders in the run of this issue. The comic seems to want to focus on libidinal desires taking priority in desperate times, but the final page of the issue seems to cut against that. 
Tomorrow #2 art by Jesús Hervás, James Delvin, and letterer Clem Robins
Tomorrow #2 art by Jesús Hervás, James Delvin, and letterer Clem Robins

Jesús Hervás crafts another visually affecting issue with this one. The scenes of massacre and rot are immaculately detailed and unnerving. The pedophile that takes Treacy’s children looks absolutely monstrous and it’s satisfying to see him get his ass kicked. James Delvin provides an atmospheric and disquieting color palette well-suited to the apocalyptic nature of this comic.
Tomorrow #2 is a strong follow-up to the first issue. The world of the comic has turned barbaric and violent very quickly and we are left to watch a smattering of survivors try to scavenge what really matters to them from the wreckage. This one definitely gets a recommendation. Check it out.
Tomorrow #2 comes to us from writer Peter Milligan, artist and cover artist Jesús Hervás, color artist James Delvin, and letterer Clem Robins
Final Score: 8.5/10

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