Review: Giant Ship Combo Mecha Rises In ‘Cosmo The Mighty Martian #5’

by James Ferguson

Things are dire for Cosmo and his crew. They’ve been captured by the Venusian Queen Hesper and her Battle Princesses and they’ve lost the powerful Martian artifacts. Fortunately, they have one last trick up their sleeves and it’s a big one.

I already knew Cosmo The Mighty Martian was a fun, action-packed comic. This final issue upped the game considerably. I’m just going to throw this out there: giant ship combo mecha. I assure you, it’s as crazy and awesome as you think it is. It’s one thing to have a fight with a variety of aliens and lasers, but it’s quite another to have a giant space-faring throwdown like something out of Voltron or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Artist Tracy Yardley delivers an incredible design for this thing that pays homage to giant robots that came before it while also cementing it as a Cosmo-inspired entity. It just looks so cool. The fight scene that follows is as elaborate as it is exciting. The panels take on a frenzied layout, adding to the intensity of the battle as the fate of the solar system hangs in the balance.

The best part of all this is the sheer joy of Cosmo, Max, and Astra as they pilot the mecha. They are just as excited as we would be in the same situation. Usually when a group of kids end up in one of these things in cartoons they instinctively jump into stoic fight mode. That’s not the case here. These three are marveling at all the buttons and absolute awesomeness that’s in front of them. Writer Ian Flynn did a great job here.
My only complaint with Cosmo The Mighty Martian is that Hesper’s true power wasn’t explored to its full extent. She was always this existential threat, pulling strings from the shadows. We see a bit of her connection to Cosmo and the story strongly implies the two of them had some kind of relationship in the past, but it’s not really detailed. As such, we kind of jump from one thing to the next without any real depth. Granted, this is an all-ages title and not a deep retrospective on this decades-old character, but you get what I mean.

This also doesn’t distract from the raw fun and excitement permeating through every page of Cosmo The Mighty Martian. Colorist Matt Herms amplifies this energy with a bombastic palette full of bright colors. This is a sci-fi adventure book through and through, from the crackling energy of the mecha’s formation to the fiery energy blasts it gives out and everything in between. Letterer Jack Morelli gets in on this too with some explosive sound effects that add just the right touch to the overall experience.

As with the previous volume, Cosmo The Mighty Martian ended too soon. I would read an ongoing series following this rag-tag group of adventurers in a heartbeat. This volume is bigger and more fun than the last one and that’s saying something considering how much I enjoyed that series. This is the kind of sci-fi series that speaks to the kid in all of us, the one that watched Star Wars with wide eyes and wonder. That’s hard to capture in any form, but this comic did it in spades.
Cosmo The Mighty Martian #5 is currently available at select comic shops and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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