‘Gone With The Wind’ Meets ‘Django Unchained’: ‘Kill Whitey Donovan #5’ Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Anna looks back on the day that they held a funeral for her departed sister and she forged her pact with Hattie. In the present, Anna rides into Atlanta under siege. In order to locate Whitey Donovan, Anna goes to a makeshift army hospital to lend a hand and find a lead. Meanwhile, Hattie has begun to regret her decision to leave with the Oracle. She grows restless and she knows that she needs to go to Atlanta to finish her own business.

Kill Whitey Donovan #5 cover by Jason Pearson
Kill Whitey Donovan #5 cover by Jason Pearson

Kill Whitey Donovan #5 closes out the first volume of this title. Anna makes it to Atlanta, which is under attack from General Sherman and the Union Army and Hattie decides that she also needs to go to Atlanta and see Whitey Donovan die.
It’s an exciting and satisfying conclusion to this tale of revenge and bloodshed. We get to see Anna and Hattie embrace who they are. They are not people of peace and tranquility. They are angry people who may never truly be at ease because of what they’ve seen and experienced.
The ending does leave an opening for another volume and I honestly hope to see it happen.
The one significant failing of this issue is Whitey Donovan himself. Despite being the main objective of Anna and Hattie and even having his name in the title of the comic, he’s a cartoon villain and not an interesting one. He’s an aristocrat who thinks he deserves everything he wants, but there’s nothing more there. It’s hard not to compare him to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Calvin Candy from Django Unchained, who was a twisted and sadistic man-child who thought himself an intellectual because he bought into phrenology and race science. Whitey Donovan is just an aristocrat.
Natalie Barahona does an excellent job in finishing out this story. The action scenes are aptly bloody and intense, and the scenes of Atlanta burning are genuinely affecting. The color palette is lively and ensures that every page pops.
Kill Whitey Donovan #5 is a strong finish to this tale of revenge at the height of the Civil War. Anna and Hattie are thoroughly engaging leads and this finale shows them embracing their identities in the midst of Hell itself. This one definitely gets a recommendation. Check it out.
Kill Whitey Donovan #5 comes to us from writer Sydney Duncan, artist and variant cover artist Natalie Barahona, letterer Troy Peteri, and cover artist Jason Pearson.
Final Score: 8/10

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