Preview: A Little Laughter In A Trying Time With ‘Cor!! Buster Easter Special 2020’

by Richard Bruton

Cover by Neil Googe

Well, it’s tough out there right now, no matter where you are. Hopefully you’re all keeping safe and well, looking after yourselves, and washing your hands.
Rebellion are one of the few main publishers still putting comics out while they’re still able, and this week we get a little bit of much-needed fun in a tough time with the publication of the second Cor!! Buster Special
Rebellion acquired much of the archive of classic British comics a few years ago and they’re been doing an amazing job of delivering both classic reprint material through the Treasury of British Comics and all-new Specials of these classic characters.
On April 8, the second Cor!! Buster Special comes out, yet again featuring some of the best humour comics of the Golden Age of Brit comics, all with a new spin from some of the best creators around.
Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll find inside here, ably introduced by Franken-Bunny…

BUSTER & DELBERT – John Freeman, Lew Stringer, letters by Leila Jess

KID KONG – Alec Worley, Hilary Barta, colours by Wesley Wong, letters by Simia Magma

FACEACHE – Matt Smith, John Lucas, letters by Ozvaldo Sanchez

GUMS – Lizzie Boyle, Lew Stringer, letters by Squalo Azzurro

IVOR LOTT & TONY BROKE WITH MILLY O’NAIRE & PENNY LESS – Ned Hartley, Mick Cassidy, letters by Albert Cornelius

SWEENY TODDLERTom Paterson, letters by Bili Rubin

SWINES OF ANARCHY – Lee Langford, Pye Parr

DEADLY HEDLEY – Paul Goodenough, Rosita Vangelova, letters by Oz Osbourne

BIRDMAN AND CHICKEN – THE SQUAWK KNIGHT RETURNS – Keith Richardson, Edward Whatley, letters by Ward West

FRANKIE STEIN – FRANKIE STAR – Cavan Scott, Steve Mannion, letters by Chris P Bacon

DAISY JONES’ LOCKET – Olivia Hicks, Sheeli Paroline & Braden Lamb, letters by Amber Cee

CREATURE TEACHER – THE EGGS FACTOR – Lee Langford, Brett Parson, letters by Petite Creme

DUCK TURPIN – Robin Etherington, David Follett

GRIMLY FEENDISH – DOG AND PHONY SHOW – Ned Hartley, Tom Paterson, letters by Moma Millar

The Cor!! Buster Easter Special 2020 goes on sale Wednesday 8th April 2020 from all good newsagents, whatever comic shops may still be open (please support them however you can!), and through the 2000 AD and Treasury of British Comics web shops.

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