Get Even Stronger With Battle Mastery In Latest ‘Lineage 2: Revolution’ Update

by Gary Catig

Lineage is a popular medieval fantasy massive multiplayer online roleplaying franchise that has spanned over twenty years on computers and mobile devices. Lineage 2: Revolution, one of the games in the series, is a groundbreaking MMORPG bringing up top-quality visuals, a massive open world and large scale PvP. Recently, the title was updated with an all new system that allows players another avenue to become stronger.
The new ‘Battle Mastery’ system will become available once players begin their ‘Awakening Quest’. They can use Battle Mastery Points to acquire the stats they want by choosing the desired set of active and passive skills. When they achieve the highest level of Battle Mastery, they also acquire an additional active skill for more powerful combat capability.
Also, with the new update comes more content including:

  • Soul Crystal Strength Level Exchange– Players can now transfer the upgrade status of an existing Soul Crystal to a new one of the same type, which is helpful for those with new Soul Crystals acquired through events.
  • Get it! Black Bear Event: A new mini-game where players can catch black bears with coins earned through missions.
  • Bittersweet Extraction Pit: In this limited-time holiday event, Herbs in the extraction pit are changed to candies. Players can also get more rewards than usual when defeating monsters.

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