Celebrate Spring With Gobelins Animated Shorts

by Tito W. James

Whenever I think about the future of mature animation, my mind always goes towards the animation produced in France. More specifically, the animated shorts produced each year by Gobelins Animation School. I hope that with the rise of mature animation, some of these shorts can be expanded into full series or films.

In Digital Love, a girl’s message traverses psychedelic cyberspace to reach the boy she loves.

In Magi Bombu, a bubblebath turns into a Magical Girl adventure with the power of imagination.

In L’Invitée, a woman attends an elite party only to discover that her attendance was preordained.

In Fleur Bleue, an alien has a cute relationship with a girl.

In Petite Mort, a devil dances in the pale moon light.

You can keep up to date on the latest Gobelins animated shorts on their YouTube Channel.

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