‘Justice League Dark’ Television Series In Development From J.J. Abrams At HBO Max

by Erik Amaya

Justice League Dark may finally get its day in the public consciousness.
Variety reports the potential movie franchise has found a home as an HBO Max television series with producer J.J. Abrams‘s production company, Bad Robot. No other details are available, but the show will presumably feature most of the comic book’s main characters — supernatural heroes like Swamp Thing, Madame Xanadu, Zatanna, Detective Chimp and Deadman. It is unclear if John Constantine will be available to the production because of his role on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but it is always possible that John (Matt Ryan) will be pulled to the place in the Multiverse where this new series will exist.
And, as it happens, there is an already made suit and actor to fulfill any needs for Swamp Thing. Hopefully, Derek Mears hears something soon about reprising the role.
Than again, the cozy sense of loyalty to actors fostered in the Arrowverse may not transfer over to Abrams’ plans for this Justice League off-shoot. Indeed, his script for the never produced Superman Flyby saw Lex Luthor recast as a government agent and a Kryptonian. Granted, in the twenty-odd years since that project came and went, Abrams has learned something about fandoms and the fact that one must be loyal to key aspects of characters. Well, at least his partners on many of these projects are aware and we hope the program’s eventual showrunners offers Mears and Ryan a place in the cast.
Several attempts at a live action  Justice League Dark film were made over the years, including one from Guillermo del Toro. The group has also been featured in a handful of direct-to-video animated adventures. But like many of the DC Comics characters, television may be the best format for the premise outside of comic pages.

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