Sunday Service (Part 6): The Complete ‘Little Nemo In Slumberland’ By StudioComix Press

by Olly MacNamee

One of my prize possessions across my whole comic book collection has always been my hardback oversized collection of the complete Little Nemo In Slumberland Book by Winsor McCay published by Taschen Books. But, that’s been out of print for a good few years, so where’s a new generation of fans meant to look? Well, maybe over on Kickstarter where a more modest-sized printing currently being offered up to the discerning reader and one that comes with added extras, depending on what you can afford.

Little Nemo in Slumberland first ran in the New York Herald from 1905 until 1911. It was renamed In the Land of Wonderful Dreams when McCay took it to William Randolph Hearst’s New York American, where it ran from 1911 until 1914. McCay then returned to the New York Herald-Tribune when he revived the strip under its original title and where it ran from 1924 until its last appearance in early 1927.
Little Nemo in Slumberland depicted the title character having fantastic dreams that were interrupted by his waking up in the final panel. It is widely regarded as McCay’s masterpiece for its experiments with the comics form, its use of color, the varying size and shape of its panels, panoramic perspectives, architectural detail, and sheer imagination. McCay’s work has influenced virtually every other comic creator in the medium.

For me, this is a must-have book for any serious comic book aficionado and promises countless hours of entertainment as you’ll find yourselves transfixed to each page.
StudioComix Press are offering up this new printing in two soft back volumes plus additional perks, with CA$120 getting you the books downloadable copies of all the Little Nemo in Slumberland strips. Check out the full campaign and further details here.
Take a look at one of the most influential comic book artist of the 20th century and some of the many, many strips he produced:

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