Cosplay Central: ReedPop Launches New Website Especially For Cosplayers

by Olly MacNamee

It’s good to see that while ReedPop has had to cancel/postpone comic cons recently, they are far from down with the news that they have launching a new website especially fro cosplayers.
Already up and running, Cosplay Central is a place for cosplayers the world over to catch up on the latest news as well as a place to hang out with videos, spotlights on particular cosplayers and more.
It’s yet another way in which the likes of ReedPop are intelligently reacting to the current pandemic, and what that could mean for comic cons across the remainder of the year too, as well as part of an ongoing plan to be more prominent online too. Although, even they had already launched an RPG website back in December, Dicebreaker, this does seem to be more part of a long-term strategy rather than juts a reaction to this pandemic.

Here’s a welcoming letter from fellow cosplayer and now Editor-in-Chief Kelsey Endter that you can find on their funky looking new site:
Dear cosplayers and pop culture fans,
I wanted to personally welcome you here to Cosplay Central, the main hub for everything cosplay. When Cosplay Central began as an idea, we wanted to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Whether you’ve been cosplaying for years, months, or simply love the craft, there is something special here for everyone.
I entered the cosplay community in 2011 at a tiny convention in Sacramento. Since then, I have entered cosplay competitions, travelled across the US for cons, and even helped coordinate cosplay events. But what really made me fall in love with this community is how welcoming everyone is. My first ever cosplay was from an anime called Hetalia back in 2011, and I remember everyone getting so excited that we were all cosplaying from the same show. In the nine years that I’ve been cosplaying, that feeling has not changed. I have cosplayed from so many different fandoms over the years (Dragon Age, Marvel, DC, Fantasy, just to name a few), and each time I attend a con or post cosplays on social media, I still get that same excited feeling from the community like I did in 2011.
And now I am hoping that you all experience that feeling too. That feeling where you can geek out over a cosplay, be in awe over its craft, and share your love with others both in and out of the cosplay community. Cosplay Central is truly a site where we can all share our love for cosplay, and I hope it brings you as much joy and memories as I have had in my own cosplay journey.
Thank you all again for joining this amazing global cosplay community here at Cosplay Central!
Kelsey Endter
So, a website run by fans, which is exactly the kind of thing you’d want, I imagine. Y’know, bit like all of us here a HQ.

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