‘Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE’ Season Two Gets “Real” In First Look Impressions

by Sage Ashford

Gundam Build Divers continued the trend of the Gundam Build universe, developing it further by creating an online world in which literally everything Gundam related was possible. It still felt true to the core concept, even as it began asking questions about the nature of AI, and what defined an AI as “alive”.
The follow-up season, Build Divers Re:Rise, takes that to a different level with a group of kids spending time in a game world known as “Eldora” accepting increasingly difficult quests as they help the people of Eldora against forces looking to wipe them out. The people they meet in the game seem as real as the lead characters, only for the group to learn later that Eldora is a real place. The entire time, the group’s been transported across the galaxy.
It’s a weird twist that makes Build Divers weirder than almost any Gundam series that’s aired, but it’s not entirely off brand for Gundam Build as a universe. Reiji from Gundam Build Fighters was from a different planet, and they never explained how or why. If this series aims to at least attempt to explain how any of this is possible, it’s an improvement.
Right now, there isn’t much to say about this second season. It’s two episodes in and first episode is more like a recap, centering around the events leading up to the show’s Best Boy, Freddie, summoning the Gundam Build Divers team.
The second episode delves a bit more into the way Eldora works — we learn how the heroes get summoned and see them forced to explore the world for resources. Fortunately, using an episode on a recap allowed them to continue with the character development from the prior season. Their leader, Hiroto, isn’t an edgy loner anymore and their teamwork has improved.
Even with the character development, this series needs to give some satisfying reveals to the mysteries they’ve built up if it’s going to surpass its predecessor. Arguably, the Gundam Build franchise has been on a downward spiral from the beginning, but Re:Rise could be the better show if it can give this storyline a satisfactory ending.

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