Art For Art’s Sake #50: Farewell Maestro, A Salute To ‘Asterix’ Co-Creator Albert Uderzo

by Richard Bruton

Well, we’ve reached 50 of these things… and I can think of no better way to celebrate than to give the whole thing over to the characters that set me off reading comics, many, many years ago… Asterix & Obelix, created by Goscinny and Uderzo.
My comics reading all started thanks to the local library and my dad. Every week, we’d head off to Dudley Public Library for a new load of books, dad heading to the adult section, me to the kids, where there would be a special section for picture books. And, amongst the picture books, if I was lucky, I’d find a few graphic albums. The choice was limited sure, but seeing as it was Asterix, Tintin, and Lucky Luke, and the occasional Raymond Briggs, it was a pretty impressive choice.
All three stayed with me, but Asterix was the one that I absolutely adored – and still do.
Sadly, it’s also a little tribute to the art and life of Albert Uderzo, who sadly passed away on 24 March 2020. So, first of all, some of the tributes and art pieces for Asterix and for Uderzo…
Bill Sienkiewicz:

Remembering Albert Uderzo, co- creator of Asterix – Working on his proper memorial portrait. Until then, here’s a mashup painting of Uderzo and Frazetta because of course.

Gary Andrews


Dan Berry

Yesterday I redrew a page of Asterix as a tribute to Uderzo. I’ve still got the Asterix books I had when I was a kid and remember trying (and failing) to copy those drawings. Wouldn’t be where I am without Asterix.

Hunt Emerson

JunGi Kim

Tony Bancroft

Pascal Gaggelli

Damian Couceiro

Matt Baxter

N o b – Bruno Chevrier (@nobfactory)

Jacob K. Gratchyk

Tony Valente

Yilderay Cinar

And now, just a little from the man who, along with Goscinny, got me into comics… Farewell maestro…

And then there’s this, a beautifully done, simplicity masking genius, piece of art by Uderzo showing us just how he and Goscinny came up with the ideas…

Uderzo‘s ‘Impedimenta Leading the Gauls’, a parody of Eugène Delacroix’s ‘Liberty Leading the People’

And finally, fittingly, a tribute by Uderzo himself, to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo shooting from January 2015…

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