Preview: Witness Protection And The Return Of The Ventriloquist Keep The Bat-Family Busy In ‘Batman Giant’ #4

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira

As we begin the week, it would seem that there is the odd few comic book previews to share with you both digitally and in print, with DC Comics offering up a preview of the upcoming Batman Giant #4, which will be out Tuesday 28th April, the new comic book day for all DC Comics, don’t forget.
As well as a selection of reprints of ‘The Court of Owls Part 4: Face the Court’ from Batman #4 (2011), ‘Elegy Part 3: Affetuoso’ from Detective Comics #856 (2009) and ‘Better than Batman Part 4’ from Nightwing #4 (2016) there are also two all-new tales from Gotham City with a 16 page Batman story as well as a new 8 page Nightwing story too.
The Batman story is written by Mark Russell with art by Ryan Benjamin and Richard Friend, with a preview to accompany:

When Commissioner Gordon suspects there’s a mole in his precinct, it’s up to Batman to keep a witness safe until he can testify. But this particular witness is a crooked lawyer with ties to every criminal operation in Gotham City, and Batman finds himself under attack from both sides of the law!

Nightwing’s all new story is by writer Steve Orlando with art by Tom Lyle. And a preview of this strip too:

As a child, Dick Grayson saw his world come crashing down when his parents were killed by mobster Tony Zucco. Now Zucco’s son has been kidnapped by the Ventriloquist, and Nightwing is his only chance to make it home alive. Dick must make a choice: How far is he willing to go to save the son of the man he hates most?

Batman Giant #4 is out Tuesday 28th April 2020

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