Preview: Science Fiction, Cowboys And Dinosaurs Come To ‘Gunland’ From Magnetic Press

by Olly MacNamee

As we start looking to future comic book purchases we may make in the not-to-distant future, and consider a review of our pull lists, maybe, Magnetic Press have a new graphic novel coming for readers’ consideration. Gunland is a described as a science fiction western heist but with dinosaurs! Sound like the classic kind of genre-warping stories you’d get in Heavy Metal magazine from the likes of Moebius, if you ask me.
Written and illustrated by Captain Artiglio and coming out this June it’s up now for pre-order or, better still, ask at your local comic book store. Check out a preview of this entertaining, dynamic  looking book below.

In a bizarre sci-fi western world, where cyborg bounty hunters ride dinosaurs and magical skulls give powers to alien outlaws, the notorious Doolin brothers seek a stash hidden in a heist gone sour. And the key to finding it might be the young girl they recently rescued from a parallel dimension… a girl with uncanny skills with a pair of revolvers…

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