Preview: ‘Streamliner’ #2 Is A Full Throttle, Pedal-To-The -Metal, Car-Loving Comic Book

by Olly MacNamee

As we come to terms with a ‘new normal’ whoever that will look like there’s one thing I am certain about, and that is the presence of more comic books online. We’ve given you a number of previews over the past weeks of new books, and from various independent publishes, and we aren’t going to stop now. Especially as more and more European titles begin to drip into America from the likes of Humanoids and now Magnetic Press.
Today sees the release of bad-ass bikes and fast cars’ series, Streamline #2, from Magnetic Press and available on comiXology and written and illustrated by Fane. For fans of Rick Remender and Bengal’s Death or Glory, here’s a preview of the latest issue:

Billy Joe and Cristal figure out a working alliance for the duration of the race, but things change when a gang of “two-wheelers” show up on their motorcycles looking to get in on the action…

And, if you like what you see, go ask your comic book store for a copy of the collection coming this month.

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