Could Punchline’s Appearance In ‘The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular’ Overshadow The Clown Prince Of Crimes Celebrations?

by Olly MacNamee

June 9th is the new date when people can get their hands on The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular, and to remind us all, DC Comics have released a look at some unlettered pages from this anniversary one-shot by creators such as Scott Snyder and JOCK (The Batman Who Laughs, Batman: The Black Mirror), Denny O’Neil (Batman) and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Paul Dini, Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo (Joker), Tony S. Daniel (Batman) and more. And, as part of that sneak peek, there very keen to let you know that Punchline will be making an appearance. With all the hype building over her first official full appearance in Batman 392, it’s concerning that her inclusion in this may very well overshadow teh Clown Prince of Crime’s own 80th anniversary celebration. That would  be a rather cruel joke, now wouldn’t it.
Check out the preview pages with art from Mikel Janín, Jordie Bellaire, Eduardo Risso and Dan Mora.



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