Marvel Shifts Several Titles To Digital Only Beginning Next Week

by James Ferguson

Marvel Comics is returning to comic shops soon in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it will be short a few titles. The publisher has made the decision to shift some of its current series to digital-only for single issues with print collections available later this year. Please see below for the digital release schedule and the titles affected:
Wednesday, May 13:

Wednesday, May 20:

This is a little surprising for some of these as they seemed to have a big push. Spider-Man: The Black Cat Strikes ties into the super popular Spider-Man video game. Ghost-Spider focuses on one of the break-out stars of Into the Spider-Verse. Hawkeye: Freefall has been an absolute treat. I hope that fans come out and support these series as they’re pretty solid. It’s disappointing that they won’t be in print for single issues moving forward.
This move also presents an interesting test case for the future. Will Marvel make this shift for the short term only? Or will it look to continue with more digital only titles, similar to how DC is publishing some comics? There are many unanswered questions as the future is pretty murky so we’ll see how this develops.

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