Sony Expands Its Spider-Man Universe With ‘Jackpot’; Marc Guggenheim To Write Script

by Erik Amaya

We’ve chosen to resist the obvious pun.
Deadline reports Sony has hired Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim to write a script featuring Marvel Comics’ Jackpot. The character, created Dan Slott and Phil Jimenez, first debuted in a 2007 Free Comic Book Day release as Sara Ehret, a researcher who’s work to cure Parkinson’s Disease left her with unwanted superhuman strength. In a curious twist, she wanted a quiet life as mother to her recently-born child and sold her heroic identity to Alana Jobson. The new Jackpot, whose powers were obtained by a dangerous combination of Marvel potions and chemicals, presented herself as straight and highly attracted to Spider-Man while Alana was, herself, gay.
Outside of a 2010 miniseries, Jackpot has made scattered appearances through the years — some written by Guggenheim — but never gained the popularity of Spider-Gwen or Silk. Nevertheless, she is a character in the Sony stable and their zeal to create a cinematic universe of their own cannot be denied. Other film projects in development include Madame Webb, Kraven the Hunter, Silk, and Nightwatch. At one time, projects centering on Black Cat and Silver Sable were also in the works, but this appears to no longer be the case.
Meanwhile, the studio will unleash two new film is its Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters next year: Mobius, starring Jared Leto as the Living Vampire, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

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