AWA Studios’ New Manga Kid-Friendly Imprint iPOP Hiring, Debut First Video, ‘Be Wawa’

by Olly MacNamee

AWA Studios have hardly got off the ground, thanks to the pandemic pushing a lot of their debut titles back, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t got big plans, starting with iPOP! a new child-friendly Manga imprint  and, it would seem, animation arm as well, debuting a new video as well as showing off one of two new kid-friendly Manga titles they’re producing starting with Be Wawa on YouTube now.  Readers can also read Be Wawa webtoon for free on Webtoons and Tapas. Or, read the first two chapters right here now.

Be Wawa, by writer Yoshida and drawn by Stan Chaou, Mazflan Araujo and  Iliana Jimez:


Then, to come, we have their second comic book, Truth again written by Yoshida with Davide Puppo, Mazflan Araujo and Ryan Conners. Check out this promo video now:

As for the mysterious Yoshida? It would seem, according to Bleeding Cool, that this appropriated name is none other than AWA’s Bill Jemas himself., using a surname first adopted by Marvel’s C B Cebulski, and Jemas’s old employers. Something Jemas seemed to have gotten away with when finally admitting to using this pseudonym. Hmmm, interesting, don’t you think? Either, as BC conjecture, it’s a swipe at his old bosses, or it’s another badly timed example of cultural appropriation. I’m going with the first, if true. But, if so, why not be up front from the start?

Still, and before I forget, what probably also brought you here is the headline. So, if you are keen to apply, contact AWA Studios now.

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