‘Oblivion Song’ #25: Over-Sized Anniversary Issue And Variant Covers From Scott J Campbell, Charlie Adlard And More

by Olly MacNamee

Cover E – J Scott Campbell

Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment would like comic book fans to know that Oblivion Song #25 by Robert Kirkman (Fire Power, The Walking Dead), Lorenzo De Felici, and colorist Annalisa Leoni will be an over-sized issue marking the 25th issue and the beginning of an new story arc. As such, they’ve revealed a series of variant covers to adorn this anniversary issue including one by J Scott Campbell. But, we’re showing them all to you so you can check in with your local comic book store to order the cover of your choice. Check ’em all out after this synopsis of the forthcoming issue, due out Wednesday, July 8.

In Oblivion Song #25, Nathan Cole’s world has changed. Nothing could have prepared him for what has happened, what he’s had to do, and how it has affected him. Starting now, he embarks on a new journey with a full knowledge of Oblivion and what caused the Transference! The fate of the Earth rests in his capable hands!

Cover A – Lorenzo De Felici

Cover B: David Finch & Leoni

Cover C by Arthur Adams & Leoni

Cover D by Charlie Adlard

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