Crowdfunding Comics: ‘The Jump’ Gets Right To The Good Stuff On Kickstarter

by Malissa White

If you’re not already familiar, Kickstarter is an amazing platform for comic creators to crowdfund their works into tangible rewards. One such creator, Ringo award winning writer Rylend Grant, has one on now for The Jump, a sci-fi thriller set in the limitless world of astral projection. Joined by artist Fabio Alves, colorist Edson Ferreira, and letterer HdE, Grant’s The Jump campaign already exceeded its funding goals for a guaranteed hit. 

The Jump follows Thomas Northrope, a recluse from Detroit who’s suffered a series of crippling tragedies. Thomas turns to astral projection to escape the world, but when he develops a talent for it, he’s targeted by the mysterious AJAX corporation as a recruit for their long standing astral war. 

It should come as no surprise that Grant’s writing far exceeds expectations. The tightly paced story sets up Thomas as a relatable down-on-his-luck recluse no longer impressed by the world’s shenanigans. Considering 2020, I definitely relate to wanting to live in my own world, free of limitation and Facebook. 
Given the peeks we’re shown of Thomas’ pre-tragedy life, Grant reminds us all of exactly what we had before our collective tragedy struck. While I don’t think Grant intended to make the parallel, I do appreciate a bit of timely commentary in an imaginative series. It makes the astral world, and the hook of this series, that much more inviting. Aided, of course, by the fantastic work of his team.

Fabio Alves gives us crisp, clear artwork. I love in-panel detail, and while not a lot, there are some fantastic panels of derelict homes and shadowed Detroit alleyways that really showcase Alves work. Ferreira elevates the comic with a kaleidoscopic color palette that clearly and effectively differentiates the astral world and the real world. My favorite moment being a half-page splash in which a sharp toothed demon explodes out of a chest. The light sourcing, the shading, the monster itself–all of it well done. Here’s to keeping me up at night, Alves and Ferreira!

‘Today Was A Good Day’ Variant Cover by Alves and Ferreira. The Jump #1.

Even more fun are the larger artistic details I missed after my initial reading. That sort of detailing, and the forethought for its inclusion, tells me we’re getting more than a great story with great art; backers get a meticulous, well-thought out world to compliment this fun sci-fi thriller.
And did I mention there’s a major plot twist at the end? I love it when a story offers a good mystery, but knows how to pull the rug out from under us in the end. I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about Thomas’, AJAX, and the mysterious Laney in issue 2. 
‘Who Ya Gonna Call?’ Variant Cover by Alves and Ferreira. The Jump #1.

Backers to the project can look forward to the complete first issue, as well as PDF first issues of Grant’s earlier works Banjax and Ringo-awarding winning Aberrant. Higher tiers offer Grant’s script, variant covers by Fabio Alves and Edson Ferreira, a commission tier from Alves, and a skype session with Grant himself.
The Jump is a low-risk high-reward indie. Take the *ahem* leap on Kickstarter before it’s gone. 

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