Review: Necessary Evil Reaches Its Epic Conclusion In ‘MMPR #50’

by James Ferguson

It’s getting more and more rare for a comic book to reach issue #50, so it better be something special. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hits this milestone with a bang, wrapping up the epic Necessary Evil storyline featuring the Omega Rangers, the Ranger Slayer, and the new crop of Rangers in the midst of battle against the Anointed and the fearsome Dayne on the planet Safehaven. Get out your popcorn because this is some blockbuster level action.

Artist Daniele Di Nicuolo blows the doors off of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50. This comic is bursting with energy. I could practically hear the pulse-pounding soundtrack booming in my ears as I turned each page. The Rangers are putting everything on the line here. They’re fighting not just to win the day and stop the Anointed, but to protect the Morphin Grid as a whole, their home planet, and the entire galaxy. That is felt in every single image in this book.
All of the Rangers get some time in the spotlight as this battle. One moment that really stands out comes when the new crowd, Aisha, Rocky, and Adam, prove themselves in the eyes of Billy and Kimberly. They have felt like the odd men out for awhile, coming into this already formed team with its own set of rules, in-jokes, and style. Here on Safehaven is where they finally find their spot. It’s not the exact same sets of shoes left by Trini, Zack, and Jason, but that’s the point. They’re different people.

In a comic jam-packed with action, writer Ryan Parrott weaves in these great character moments. While this isn’t the last issue of this series, it very well could be with how many loose ends Parrott ties up. Every outstanding plot thread is wrapped up, even stuff from Beyond the Grid (although that feels a bit like a Deus Ex Machina). It’s an impressive feat.
Let’s get back to the action for a moment because I can’t get enough of Di Nicuolo’s artwork. As much fun as the Ranger battles are, the Zord fights are even bigger and more awesome. There’s a last minute twist and left my jaw on the floor, popping up just when I thought this couldn’t get any cooler. Letterer Ed Dukeshire differentiates each Ranger’s words with color coded balloons, giving each character their own voice in the fray.

The entire battle happens at what appears to be dusk on Safehaven. I guess depending on when you look at it, it’s either the sun setting on this day and by extension, the Anointed and Necessary Evil, or the sun is rising on a new day. In any case, colorist Walter Baiamonte does some great work here, aided by Katia Ranalli. There’s a fire in the sky, shining a light on this epic encounter between good and evil. As bright as that is, it pales in comparison to the shining colors of the Rangers’ costumes and the energy of their attacks.
You might wonder where this comic could possibly go next after delivering such an epic event as Necessary Evil. Well, we get a bit of a tease for that in the epilogue, teasing what is in store for these teenagers with attitude and raising more questions. After this story arc, I am down for whatever may come next because this book has proven itself through and through. It stands on its own, apart from the TV show it’s based on.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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